Build your personal productivity board and get more done.

Straw converts your most important Trello notifications into cards, and centralizes them on the board of your choosing.

Now you can see all your tasks on a single board and get things done!

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How it works 🛠

1. inbox-list


Choose which Trello board you want to use as your personal productivity board (it may be an existing board, or a new board).

Once the Power-Up is installed on the board, a new “🍹INBOX” list is created: this is where you will find your most important Trello notifications, “as a card”.

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Anytime someone mentions you via @username, @card or @board on any board (but the board you have installed Straw on), you will get a card in your “INBOX” list.

Each card contains the following information:

  • Who added or mentioned you
  • The content of the notification, in a feed including all previous comments
  • A link to the original card so that you may easily go there and take action.
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2. Card-mentions